17 May 2014

After having changed the password of my Visual Studio Online account, Visual Studio greeted me by asking to reenter my credentials. So I clicked on the Sign In button but instead of being redirected to the Sign In page I simply got the error message “SP324098: Your browser could not complete the operation”.

Visual Studio Error Dialog

I tried several things like setting IE to be my default browser, deleting the browser history, and resetting IE to factory settings. I also installed the most recent version of Newtonsofts Json library to my GAC without having success on the Sing In page.

Finally, I found the answer on Stackoverflow.
My computer is joined to a domain network but I tried to do the sign in from home without a VPN connection established. The Visual Studio Identity provider thus could not reach my domain controller and gave the cryptic error message instead of the Sign In page.

The solution was quite simple: Establish a VPN connection such that Visual Studio can reach the domain controller and everything is fine again.

Visual Studio Login Dialog

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